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How to get remote support [Oceanvault] (3)

In order to get remote support, you need to download and run Remote Agent from this following link: http://www.deltarov.com/new/download/ Once Agent is running copy and send us the Internet ID and Password to info@del…

About the Oceanvault category [Oceanvault] (1)
OV Recorder Downloaded No Connection BR2 Camera [Oceanvault] (18)
Oceanvault - Inspector Beta Trial [Oceanvault] (1)
Oceanvault - Data Server version history [Oceanvault - Data Server] (5)

26 April 2019 Version 1.0.4 Release Added: #Time button for output string #Date button for output string #Date/Time button for output string Fixed: UDP port may cause software to crash on startup if already in …

Oceanvault - Recorder version history [Oceanvault - Recorder] (7)

29 April 2019 Version 1.0.5 BETA Added: Suite settings tab for Oceanvault connectivity with Dive logger Added OV - Dive logger remote control Added OV - Dive logger remote monitor Moved Output files toolbar to Suite …

Oceanvault - Dive Logger version history [Oceanvault - Dive Logger] (3)

Coming soon Version 1.0.1 BETA Added: Videolog CSV file export Fixed: Error if project in config file not found Check marks not showing on startup if video log is active

For best video recording results [Oceanvault - Recorder] (2)

For improving video recording copy and paste this FFMPEG command in the FFMPEG Recording Option: ffmpegLGPL.exe -i %PIPE% -c:v h264 -cbr 1 -rc vbr_hq -b:v 8M -maxrate:v 8M -an -f mp4 %FILENAME% Like this: You may op…

How to save VE log for support [Oceanvault - Recorder] (2)

When you are posting a question on this forum, it is important to give us as much details as possible. As such, we strongly suggest that you send us the VE log from your software installation to help and identify the pro…