Oceanvault - Data Server version history


26 April 2019

Version 1.0.4 Release


  • #Time button for output string
  • #Date button for output string
  • #Date/Time button for output string


  • UDP port may cause software to crash on startup if already in use

pinned #2

closed #3


09 May 2020

Version 1.0.5 Release


  • Add HTTP GET button; This will add a GET tab which is like a regular channel. this allows to get strings from a URL by posting a GET command at the specified frequency.
  • Get tab is added.
  • The URL is where the system will try and get a string.
  • The Freq. is where the frequency is specified in Hertz (Hz)
  • The error message will show if there is any problem.
  • The Separator is what separates a field from the next.
  • The connect button launches the process.
  • The memo box is where the string is received.
  • Right click on the URL text box for this popup menu which contains pre-programmed URL to access the Bluerobotics Rest API
  • New Math textbox for simple arithmetic (+,-,*,/). This is applied to the parsed string.
  • Right click for popup menu --> Rad to Degrees is used to convert the Pixhawk pitch to degrees
  • You can also add arithmetic manually such as this division by 100 to get the degrees of the Pixhawk heading.
  • Each Math argument is saved with the item


11 March 2021

Version 1.0.6 Release


  • XOR Checksum button; When checked, will perform and add basic checksum value to the end of the string. First Start character, last stop character and separator are ignored. This adds compatibility for devices using NEMA strings with checksum.