Decode datastring - matching fields?

I am trying to decode a custom serial string from our survey system this is a string with a starting caracter “$”, variable length, “,” as field separator and CRLF at end of every string. Speed 1 Hz and 9600 baud rate.

I have tried to insert startingn caracter, field separator in the data decoding window (String is coming in fine) but when selecting the field in the overlay control pane the fields keep changing.

It looks like the decoding is not locking on to the staring caracter. Any ideas ?

Hello, Can you send us a snapshot? Use Window+Shift+S

Basically I have identified two issues:

  1. Field decoding keep changing
  2. Latency / update frequency. The incoming datastring is 1hz but the overlay updates every 30 second.

The problem is the decoding. When setting start Char and field number the field data keeps changing.Bilde1

I have tried several strings in different lengths, and they all appear the same. The field keep changing.

I have tried:

  • Different lengths on string (only Start character, Easting, Northing)
  • In "Data" tab, using only Start Char and Separator
  • In "Data" tab, using Start Char ($) , Stop Char (1310) and Separator (,)
  • Only Separator

All the same – the field decoding is jumping.

When the string is decoded correctly on the data tab the fields are correct



When exporting from the survey system this string at 1Hz :


Another issue is the update frequency. It looks like the overlay only updates the overlay data every 30 second. The data feed from the survey system is coming in every second. See data dump above. It is obviously required to have a update frequency at 1 hz. Are there any settings in the program for changing the update frequency?

Hello, thank you for the details.

Try the following:
Start Char: $,
Stop Char: 13

You can right click on stop char box and choose CR for carriage return.


Let us know if this solves it.


Thanks! Worked very well :slight_smile: