Oceanvault - Recorder version history

29 April 2019

Version 1.0.5 BETA


  • Suite settings tab for Oceanvault connectivity with Dive logger
  • Added OV - Dive logger remote control
  • Added OV - Dive logger remote monitor
  • Moved Output files toolbar to Suite settings tab
  • Changed FFMPEG arguments to VBR for better encoding results


  • Issues with Decklink video capture card not recognized

1st August 2019

Version 1.0.6 BETA


  • Support for Hashtag sorting of serial string
  • Added resizing of video to 150% and 200%
  • Added quick key Ctrl+g = Grab frame
  • Added quick key Ctrl+r = start recording
  • Added quick key Ctrl+s = stop recording
  • Status window (useful during full screen mode)
  • Added maximize / resize window
  • Error logs now saved in ErrorLog folder located in Oceanvault - Recorder folder
  • Parse checkbox on=use field,pos,length off=use hashtag for parsing


  • Issues with serial com port may cause hanging of the software
  • Issues with loading of image or background for new items
  • If Rx data string was too long, it would not go to the next line (no wordwrap)
  • Glitch on form size if collapsing / expanding menu ribbon
  • Saving overlay file sometime added extension twice (Ex: myoverlay.ovl.ovl)

19th September 2019

Version 1.0.0 RELEASE


  • Measurement can be displayed on overlay using #Measure
  • When calibrating measurement, grid is calibrated. Using the grid can let you know if you are still within calibration

28th September 2019

Version 1.0.1 RELEASE


  • Overlay Tools Tab
  • Free Text can be added to overlay
  • Timer for Free Text in seconds
  • Check box to use Free Text Timer
  • Send Free Text to overlay by pressing Send button of pressing Enter if Fee Text Input Box has focus
  • Timer for Measurement display
  • Check box to use Measurement Timer
  • Popup menu item #FreeText to Hashtag text box (right-click in text box to access)


  • Renamed Overlay tab to Overlay Config
  • Relocated Measure, Grid and Draw toolboxes to Overlay Tools

2nd May 2020

Version 1.0.3 RELEASE



  • UHD recording could result in fast replay

Previous Version 1.0.2 Release


  • Added more Freetext box
  • Added Free Text connectivity to Oceanvault - Dive Logger
  • Added Free Text to Data Log CSV