Dive Logger won't open config file

No changes made to computer overnight. Simply ran Qground Control for tests to repairs to ROV.

This morning no config file and several error messages.

Client on way to dock. We need help ASAP

Sent couple picks on phone of errors. Please advise if redownloading software is a potential fix.

We are over a week behind on job and was looking to make progress today now without dive logger dead in water.



Can you send us the config file?

Rename the file and start a new one.

Delta ROV

Its on computer on boat but I can tell you there was like nothing in the execel file compared to Config_old. I renamed config old to config and got things running.

We have if issue now with data server freezing up br2 data and only way I get it back is to do reset mavpry to defaults and reboot

Can’t do this 600 meters deep and lose coms


We cannot help without more details. Please start a topic in Data Server if you are still having issues.

Delta ROV Support