Recorder fail to start new file?

When recording video the recorder stop after 30 minutes. Most likely it it set to make a new file every 30min but the recorder stops.

For example when starting a survey it make the file “Survey-001.mp4” when the 30min period is gone it stops, the program make a file “Survey-002.mp4” but fail to start recording to this file. When manually restarted recording it will then continue to record to “Survey-003.mp4” and so on.

Is there any tips & tricks to get this to record and change files automatically? as for now we need to stop every 30min and manually restart video.


Which version number are you using?

Is it your intention to record a file every 30 min?

Can you send me a snapshot of your settings?



Running Version 1.0.5. Settings attached. I have increased it to 60 min now but still the same.



Can you uninstall this version and install version B2.0.2 and let me know if this fixes your issue?

I’ve tried 1 minute recordings and it was working.


Superb! Can you share the link for download? I see only 1.0.3 on the Download page.


That is the old download page.

Press the download link from our website’s home page:


I installed B2.0.2 but unfortunately nothing works. Installed fine, rebooted PC but when running the application the error message appears:

The application suddenly started but it is not functional and showing this message:

Any suggestion how to proceed?

Yes, go to the folder where the software is *installed and rename the config.xls file to config.old. This will force the software to create a new config file.

*Easiest way to get there is to right click on the software icon and select open file location.

Worked fine! But the quality is poor. I have to play around with the encoder to see what is getting a better result. Right now 1 hrs of video is about 900Mb.

But the recording auto file is working

Show us your recording settings.

Tested again on a survey today - Video change after 60 minutes :slight_smile:

This is the recorder settings :


These are the usual settings for BR2 camera or IP cameras provided that the IP cameras is outputting at 4096 kb /s h264 compression.

What are your video in settings?

If you are recording a video stream, what are the output settings?

Also, the software is only as good as the computer that it’s installed on. What are your computer specs?