Above waterline camera

We haven’t used the above waterline camera since last autumn and are connecting this up again.
In that process I’m trying to get the picture connected to the Oceanvault viewer to control and show the video. But I get no picture when opening the program and I get some fault messages regarding the config file.
Is there anything that needs to be done beforehand or settings to be applied?
I think I have made all the correct cable connections to the camera.


Open the folder where the ov-view.exe file is located and erase the config.xls file. This will force the software to create a new file.

Delta ROV

Hi again.
Can’t get this to work through any of the software.
Is it possible to have an Teamviewer session to check the connections?

Just to verify the cable connections, this is how I have it connected now:
From RJ45 that sits in the ethernet switch there is 4 wires, Black, Blue, Yellow and Brown.
They end up to these cables on the camera:
Black - Blue
Yellow - Blue/white
Blue - Green
Brown - Green/white

Hope we can get some help with this.

Best regards
Rune Hansen
NOR Maritime Service AS

Hello Rune,

On the ethernet switch, is there a light that comes on where the camera is plugged indicating activity?

When you power up, does the camera initialise the focus and zoom (the motors will turn).

Does the camera make a tick-tick sound after powering up 10-30 seconds after (shutter open/close)

This will allow us to see if its a software or hardware issue.

Can you post some pictures?

Here is diagram of our CAM4 product, the same ethernet connection applies:

Delta ROV


Strangely I got the camera to work after switching port on the ethernet switch.
I use oceanvault viewer, but I feel that the quality of the video looks bad.
Is there a way to adjust this?
I have attached a picture of the screen. You can see that there is details in the picture that looks choppy.

I also have attached a picture of the camera itself. Not sure what quality this should deliver, but was expecting atleast HD quality.

Best regards

Heres the picture of the camera


This doesn’t look bad to me. Maybe its out of focus?

Make sure the lens and dome are clean.

Delta ROV


The dome and lens is clean.
If you look at the shelves for example you see like a sawtooth pattern where its straight lines in real life. The details is bad in many places in the picture.
What speccs are the camera that are supplied with the above waterline kit?
And I cant get the focus to work in the oceanvault viewer and also the zoom only goes all the way in or back out. Cant stop the zoom once started.

Best regards

By the way, is there anu other viewing software that should/could be used?

cycle through these numbers until you find one that work for your zoom.

you can access the camera web page by typing the ip address on iexplorer (not edge, not chrome) should be

username is admin
password is either blank or admin

you can play with the setting until you find something you like and there is a zoom function there.