Depth data doesn't match QGround


Depth data doesn’t match QGround. When my ROV was 5 to 10 feet deep data on OV-DS / Rec was showing 19 meters.


I sent pics in message on our string OV Rec No Connection Reply. Want to add detail that I am using 100 Bar pressure transducer in this ROV.

Need help soonest!


Hello Doug,

Can you show me the setup for the depth output of the Oceanvault - Data Server?

Seems to me that this should be 1.9m.

From this picture:

The value in QGC is -0.2 which is the value from the rest API 0.155 rounded up to 1 decimal.

This must be a change from the last version which requires you to divide the value in Data Server by 1000 instead of 100.



Unfortunately we are on Daylight opps. At hotel currently.

Data server math is /100 currently instructions of video provided. Will change to /1000 tomorrow first thing. Hopefully can confirm everything in harbor 15’ of water.

Question is raw data for DS always coming in meters? If so I assume I can simply modify my math to convert to feet?


Hello Doug,

I believe it always comes up in meters.

You got it right about using the math function on OVDS to convert to feet.

/1000*3.28084 should give you what you need.



Depth data at 1000 seems to be for freshwater. When I try to do math to adjust like using /1026 it goes to 10+ decimal places and ignores attempts to set field length to 5. Do you know how I can convert for Seawater instead of freshwater and get it outputting on data server?

Again this is must for job I’m on using dive logger as deliverable the depth has to be accurate.

Please advise soonest. I can only work on this at the boat and we only have a couple more hours to get done.


Hello, I am working on a fix right now.


you can find download link to new version and history changes here: Oceanvault - Data Server version history