Fathom-X Tether Interface Board Broken?


I think one of our Fathom-x Interface Board is broken. The ROV and PC can’t connect when we use it. But when we tried another Interface box, it connected. I traced the problem to the box’s FXTI board but got stuck since I’m not sure how to debug this board. I was thinking of reflashing the firmware but I can’t seem to find a documentation about it.

Any ideas on how to debug this?


Hello Angelyn,

Was it working before?

Did you try swapping the PCB to solve / re-create the problem?


Ok Try and swap the PCB to solve / re-create the problem 3 times to make sure.

Let me know if this solves it.

I have spare Fathom-X boards here.

Ok, will let you know the results.

Hi Etienne!

Finally checked the Topside Interface again and did what you suggested. Found out that the board is actually not broken but the Ethernet to USB Adapter. Our question now is if this is still covered by the warranty?


Did you remove and replace 3 times to repeat/solve the issue?

You can bypass the USB to Ethernet controller and plug straight into your fathom x board.

Maybe I can do a remote session to check it out?

Follow these instructions and let me know when I can login:

If the adapter is defective, I’ll replace It don’t worry. I stand by my product.


Thanks for the help, Etienne! I didn’t think of checking the Network Adapter IP in Win10 coz I thought it should stay as is once configured.

Thanks again!

After a remote session with Angelyn, we found out that the issue was due to wrong IP settings for the Ethernet controller.

IP address should be imputed manually with the following values:

This issue is now marked as resolved.