Vacuum Seal Test Tips


I’m having problems with the Vacuum Seal Test after modifying the ROV to the Heavy Configuration. It goes down to around 5 in. Hg in 15mins and I can’t find what is causing it. Do you have any tips on how to detect the leaks before submerging it in water?

I tried the tips indicated in the BlueROV2 Assembly docs but to no avail.


Hi Angelyn,

The first thing you should confirm is that it doesn’t leak from the pump itself. Try pulling a seal test from the battery housing and observe if there is still a leak.

Finding a leak is difficult. I would revert to your original setup and test to make sure there is no leak. Then put one item at a time and test.


Is it leaking through the inside of a cable? Mine has a good path between battery and electronics pod so I have to test both enclosures at the same time with the T.

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Thanks for your responses!

I tried what both of you suggested – made sure that the pump is working and tested both the electronics and batt hull at the same time, and it worked! The pressure is maintained at 9inHg. Thankfully, I didn’t have to disassemble and reassemble again. Thanks again!

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