Surface Control Unit and Subsea Power Module development

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as I am interested with the purchase , I have opened this topic to keep track of the development of your Surface Control Unit and Subsea Power Module , and their operational feedback.

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Hi Davide,

Thank you for opening this topic.

I am still waiting on some parts to complete the assembly of the surface control unit.

For the subsea module, I just received the missing capacitors today and will install soon. After this, just the M3.5 screws are missing to secure the DC-DC module to the heatsink and we are good to go.

Its holy week out here in the Philippines so I am hoping to get my items next Monday and assemble Tuesday.

I have 200m of my new tether in the office so I wiwll be running tests with this at first.

I will post my progress on here.

What are your power requirements?

How long a tether are you looking for?


Apologizes for my delay . Is there any update on your side ?

With regards to my power requirements , I would like to run a modified BR2 equipped with 8 thrusters with a 500m tether.

I can also eventually fit the subsea power module into a 4" enclosure.


Hello Davide,

Tested the surface controller offshore in ambiant temperatures of 35 degrees and no heat related issues.

I will get back to you on the subsea module in a week or so.


Hello Davide,

I have been testing the unit again today. I will post a video tomorrow.

With regards to using a 4inch enclosure, you will find the issue is heat dissipation. This is why I opted to put one module per 3inch housing and designed a special heatsink for it.

Even without thrusters the pod heats up to 55 degrees outside water.

I don’t think you will have a lot of success putting this inside a bigger enclosure.


Hello Davide,

You wanted to be kept informed.

The below video link is showing the Delta ROV 750W Subsea Power Module.

Surface power system is plugged in 230VAC outlet and outputting 365VDC.

BlueROV2 Heavy configuration system is used on 200m tether.

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Many thanks Etienne :+1:

I’ll send you an email .