IP CAM88 to OceanVault - Recorder

Hello DeltaROV!

I have a problems with the IP Cam88 to Oceanvault - Recorder, IP Camera cannot connect to Oceanvault recorder. Below is the error that shown in Oceanvault:

check 1

Thank you

I have try all the option shown on picture below but still can’t connect to IP Camera
cam setting

I also try on another recorder and all fine, IP Camera connect without problem.

I think I have made all the correct cable connections to the camera,
Is there any additional settings to be applied?

Below are the snapshot of my IP camera setting. I using Raspberry Pi 3, BlueOS, and Ethernet switch.


Please give me the troubleshooting steps if you had similar problem with me.

Hi Kenny,

Can you show us the Video In tab from oceanvault recorder so we can see what is written there?


Hii DeltaROV,

attached our snapshot from video in oceanvoult - recorder


The NewCam88 is what you want. These settings should work but I noticed some issues in your camera config.

You need to set:

  • Video Coding to H264
  • Key frame interval to 50
  • Bit rate control to VBR

Let me know if this solves it.


It works! thank you very much!


Hello DeltaROV,

After use your setting, IP camera was connected well, but now not work again with the same setting, we don’t know what happen with the setting.
is your setting that you were sent before are mandatory setting or there has any rule for start oceanvoult-recorder using ip cam88?

we need solved this problem because we have an inspection works using this IP camera. So need your help to solved. many thanks

attached notice from engine log


our setting now.

If should work. Maybe its a physical connection this time.

If you still have issue, please send me an email and we will do a remote connection

FYI I would put bitrate to 4096.