How deep can a bluerov2 sized rov go without a tow sled

Hello all.
Wondering if anyone here has any experience with rovs this size going deeper than 300m

I had come to the idea 500m was my max, because of the micro circular tether connection which is 500m rated. However I saw a post over at bluerobotics about early test many years ago and it made it seem like to even go 300m you would need a tow sled or clump weight, but then I see videos of bluerov2 going to the bottom of lake Tahoe which is more than 300m.

So what I am taking from this is that open ocean or strong currents I might not be able to get to 300 or more but in lakes or low current I might be able to go down to the limits of the tether connection.


Clients usually put a clump weight on the tether a few meters away from the ROV.


Thank you, I was looking at your fiber tether I see back ordered but I had a question whats the depth rating of the fully assembled 1000m fiber?