HCU-T.exe Unable to locate

Hi, I just received the HCU, but I cannot find the HCU-T.exe file in the downloads.

Please advise

You can find this bundled with the expanse folder.

Hi guys, I also cannot find the HCU-T.exe file.

I have found a HCUC.exe file in the DROV-EXPANSE\Expanse REV 2.1.0 RELEASE folder that I downloaded from the Dropbox link and it opens to show a similar window however it requires a config.xls file that is also missing. When I created a dummy config.xls file the HCUC.exe application requires data to be saved in the config file.

Where is the HCU-T.exe and how do I find or create the config file?

the expanse software creates the config.xls file

the HCU-T is located here: Login - Dropbox

Sorry there is a typo and its HCUC