HCU setup problems

We just bought your Delta ROV HCU and we have some questions about the features and setup.
First of, in QGruond control we only get 16 functions and we have to use shift button for the remaining buttons.
The rest of the buttons on the HCU does not combine with the QG functions. Is there a way to enable the rest of the functions in QG?
Does the version of windows or QGround have any affect on wether its gonna work or not?
What is the different properties of the Normal, Reverse And Crawler Mode?
When using the HCU config we only get feedback from buttons 1 - 28, what about the remaining 25 buttons?
Is it compatible with BlueOS or do we have to go back to Arduino companion software?
Would it be possible for you to have a look at the HCU via teamviewer?

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Subsea Marinetch

Correct, this is a limitation from QGC not our HCU. The HCU has a shift trigger function to access the shift column to access more function.

Please send pictures of what you mean. The HCU can be programmed with the HCU config software.


3 different sets of configuration can be stored.

Can you send pictures of what you mean?

The software installed on your ROV doesn’t matter since this is detected and run on a windows machine and used by QGC.

Teamviewer session is a last resort. Please consult the manual as a lot of your questions are answered in it.


We are looking in to the qground issue, the tilt potentiometer does only respond to one function and sometimes on two if you press really hard. We are struggling to understand the step values while programming and its hard to get any answers from the manual.
Following are some pictures of the HCU and there are some dysfunctions.

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With regards to the height of the knobs on the encoders. Can you still press them and feel it click?

Yes, i can feel the click on all of them but some of them does not respond

Which ones do not respond?

The Fwd, Lat and vert are for resetting the trims to 0. The others depend on what is programmed on the HCU.

We can do teamviewer, send me your details by email.


I’ve been testing it a bit now with the config i could use, and it works (kind off) but the rov disarms itself because of the HCU. The pitch, light and tilt encoders has a bad conection somewere. What is your email adress so we can arange for teamviewer?



What causes the ROV to disarm itself?

What control system are you using.

For instance, the QGC has alarm settings and consequences. If loss manual control set to warning only.

These HCUs are very reliable and low failure rates but its possible that during shipping something come loose.


Fixed the disarm problem,
I am using the HCU with QGC And Bluerov2 Heavy config

I will be contacting you further on email.


Lets schedule a meeting via email in advance.