HCU manual button not responding


Every button in HCU is functioning except the manual button. Currently, we are working around this issue by assigning another button as the manual button. Despite attempting to reset the joystick to its default settings, the manual button remains unresponsive.


If you are familiar with the HCU programming and its not a programming issue then it might be a mechanical issue.

Can you open the box and see if the button itself has continuity when pressed. If so, it bight be the wire crimp not fully pushed in.

Please provide pictures.

Delta ROV Team

Hi Suraj

I had the same issue with 3 buttons, I tested it with a new micro jst connector & it worked, so replaced all 3 connectors.

See pics

Thanks Toby, I think Suraj is using another HCU though.

We need pictures.

Delta ROV.

hello everyone sorry for late reply,

To fix the issue we just disconnected the connectors of manual buttons, then check the continuity with a multimeter, the connectors seems to be fine so we reconnected and the manual button starts to work perfectly.

That is awesome news.

Thank you for letting us know.


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