HCU Installation

Trying to use my HCU for the first time.
I use Windows Surface (Wc) for the Blue R2. Wc recognice HCU as a controller, it lights up, but no testing possible. Method 5.2.1 do not find HCU, 5.2.2 do, but no active button show up and no calibration possible. Greyed out. Perhaps a missing driver?
Widows 10 pro updated yesterday.
Works with BR2 and Sony gamecontroller.
No contact with HCU-T.exe. Message: There is no open file.

Please advice.

Hello, can you try it on a different PC?

Hi. I’ve checked. It works on another PC, so the harware is fine. They both use driver usbser.sys, the same build no. 160101.0800, but different file versions. The PC it works on is 10.0.18362.1 and do not work on 10.0.19041.3636.

Something that was previously installed on the first PC is interfering with the HCU.

You can try some reg cleaner software but you may need to do a fresh window install.

Sorry. There is nothing we can do for this from our end.

Ok, will try that. Thank you for your help.