Hand control unit

Unfortunately I couldn’t get the robot to work with the new hand control unit.

First, the software controller icon appears red and the hand control unit does not work.

So I configured the software with the hand controler so that the icon came back gray.

Then when I arm the robot with the new hand control unit, the robot dives and spin on itself. I try any commands and the robot do not responds.

As soon as I reconnect the x box controller and then re-calibrate, everything goes back to normal and the robot is 100% functionnal.

It should be noted that I have installed the latest version of ardusub.
Can you help me with that?

Hi Steeve,

Sorry for the late reply.

Let us run some tests with your second controller before we ship it out.

It sounds like the light channels 2 and 3 are interfering with the calibration process.

We will revert to you soon.

Delta ROV

Hi Steeve,

Today we loaded our BR2 with the latest BLUOS and ardusub revision. Calibrated the HCU and tested it. Everything works exactly as it should.

We are not sure why you are having issues. It may be the calibration process not being done properly or the HCU is not configured properly.

I suggest you try to run joy.cpl and try every button and axes to see if it behaves as it should.

Ideally, we should schedule a teamviewer session as I am sure this is something that can be sorted out remotely.