Fiber optic connector bluerobotics m10 nut not compatible

I would like to get information about the underwater fiber optic connector we received from you and whose pictures I have attached.

In the connector you sent, the nuts of the connector did not come out of the package and I do not know what size nut I should use. I looked at the information written on your site and saw two nut options.

One of them is M10 and the other is 7/16-20 nut. I have these nuts but I tried them on the connectors but they didn’t work.

What size taps do I need to drill or what size nuts do I need to use to secure the connector to my flange.

I would appreciate if you give information about how to use the connectors.

I have uploaded the pictures and video of the connector in the attachment, you can examine it from there.
good work.


The thread of this is same as Bluerobotics. M10X1.5

Delta ROV Team

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