DROV-WO-2023070901 XYZ Engineering Ltd

Order Details:

-DROV-LP-001 x1 (SN-012)
-DROV-HCU-003 (SN-18590893,orange)
-HCU transport case x1
-Expanse PCB w/ USB cable (SN-00130)
-DROV-CP-001 x1 (SN-00102): Bulkeay’s UCP1A contact CP probe x1 SS long nose tip x5
CP probe PCB kit x1

13 September 2023

Initial photo of Hand Control Unit:

Hi Eulo,

This is great that you. Could you also take a photo of the Serial Number for the HCU?

Do you know when the CP/lasers will arrive?



Hello, the serial number is on a sticker which is placed at the back lid after QC is done and the unit is ready to be packed.

For now, unfortunately no. I’ll keep you updated on this one.

Thank you for the above serial number photo.
Please provide an update on the CP/Lasers.
The CP is probably the most urgent so please prioritise it.

Hi Eulo,
Do you have any photograph of a previous CP probe (not fitted) you have assembled?
There is an urgent requirement for photos of the CP probe and lasers and if possible the serial numbers that will be used. Can I suggest that you put the serial number stickers aside for our items so that you can give me a serial number now?



Hello @gavXYZ ,

This is the photo of the CP probe kit on our website:

This is one of our previous assembly of the kit (which is already shipped to client):

*There are two options to make the connector at the end: 1. Potting, 2. Using cable joints/penetrator
Your CP Probe kit serial number: SN-00102

These are the photos from the last assembly of Laser pair:

Your Laser Pair serial number: SN-012

For the products you ordered, we engrave the serial number on the aluminum body/housing once we receive the part needed.

Hi Eulo,
This is perfect solution. I can work with this.
For lasers we would like cobalt connectors. Please use the latest cobalt connector (I think there was an upgrade earlier this year which made the pins stronger).
For CP probe, can this also be connected with Cobalt? We need the option to add and remove different tools easily.

Hi Eulo, can you update me on the status of each of the items please?
Does the CP probe have a cobalt connector?
Are the most recent cobalt connectors being used?
Do you have an expected ship date please?

Is the image you provided the same Serial Number that will be on our HCU?

Hi @gavXYZ ,

I believe only the 6-pin hybrid and 8-pin cobalt connectors are the ones that has revision. We are still using the 3-pin cobalt connector (the connector to be used for Laser Pair) with part number COB-1130-SS.

For CP Probe, we will use Wetlink penetrators ( WetLink Compression Gland Penetrator for Subsea Electrical Cables (bluerobotics.com)) connected together by a cable joint (manufactured by us) to connect the probe to a cobalt bulkhead.

Yes that is right. SN-18590893.

CP Probe just arrived today. Second photo shows the serial number for the CP Probe. Note that the serial number (SN-00102) I mentioned earlier is for the whole kit.

The Laser Pair housing expected arrival date is by the end of the day of the 28th.

Yes, that was also our understanding. I wanted to check that there has been no further update.

Who is responsible for shipping? I would like to ensure they have the correct delivery address which is different from our invoice address.

Yes, we take note of that from the previous email. @Delta_Admin (Pauline) will be responsible for shipping; you can email her to confirm what courier and who’s account to be used for shipping.

Thanks Eulo but I don’t have her email address.