Depth rating of the potted fiber connection

Can any tell me the depth rating of the connector? I see for example cobalt pigtails are 600m and micro circular pigtails are 500m, I am not seeing a depth rating when I look at the fiber tether options although they are all on back order so not a big deal I guess.

Hello, we can make it according to your requirements.

Let us know what you need.


So your saying the tether connector that connects the the bulkhead can be made to a realistically custom rating? chance are I will never get the chance but right now I only have two things keeping from going deep the RS-3318 which I can’t find anyone willing to sell me RS-3325 so I am still looking for a solution there, and the tether. So if you saying you could if needed you can supply a 1000m fiber tether withe a tether side connector and bulkhead connector rated at 900m, then I just have to figure out the boyance foam. @DeltaROV

Hello, you can get optilink for the fiber connector, we can sell you fiber optic tether rated to that depth and buoyancy as well if you give us the schematics.