Delta ROV HCU slider bug


I want to change the function of Roll potantiometer to a slider. I set this option to slider 9 but instead of this it is sending signal on 7-8 channel (both).

I wanted to do the same function change (button to slider) to pitch pot, but it does not change anything at all. It only works when u overassign the slider number to already existing ones, for example from 1 to 8.

How can I solve this bugs?


can you run my HCUC program from this link: Dropbox - Expanse REV 2.1.0 - Simplify your life

Note that you will need to run the expanse software once so it creates the config file.

Then you will see all the sliders. Send me a video of your function test.


Hi again,

I recorded what you want from me and uploaded it here:

I’m looking forward to hear from you ASAP.

Thanks for the answers in advance.


OK I watched the video and will look into it next time I have an HCU built up.

Should be a couple weeks.

Delta ROV


I have solve the issue but I will need to flash the HCU remotely.

Can you send me an email: so we can schedule a video call?


Hi again,

After your fixation there is another problem. The windows joystick windows does not detect slider channels which is more than 8. How can I solve it? I want to use more channels than 8.

The problem is explained in screenshots below.

That is a windows limitation.

Then how are you using rest of the channels(number higher than 8)? How can I use them?

if your software is using the window driver, this is the limitation.

if your software is using a directX driver you will get a few more axis.

It really depends what you use.

I use an HID driver ans access the raw bits and I get all the axis.

I have no idea about python coding and how it manages inputs.