Delta Inspector 1 ROV preliminary design

Preliminary design for our commercial version ROV “Delta 1”

Hoping to compete with Falcon and Mojave types at a fraction of the cost.

Present issue we face is with the cost of buoyancy fabrication.

We may opt for a cross shape and keep the area in front of the vertical thrusters for lights.

It can take 1x 4inch enclosure and 3x 3inch enclosure.

Plan is to use the 4inch for electronics and the 3 inch for our 750w power enclosures. Since the power enclosures can be mounted in parallel, this will give this ROV a total of 2.25kw.

We are trying to keep a small form factor to maximize the thrust / volume ratio.

We will add a small skid underneath for tooling and accessories.


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Here is an exploded view

Looks good Etienne, are the verts vectored too, it looks like it in the drawing, but not sure. Cheers Rich

Yes the verts are also vectored in a way that the swash goes out the sides.

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Getting close to production design.

Just waiting for quote of buoyancy module.

Alternative thruster and light mounting option

I added holes for cable management.

Several ballast mounting options

Stainless shackles for cable sock.

I am not super happy about the position of the shackles and would like to add a handle.

Changed the back a bit to raise the shackles.

The vertical bars are in the way of the swash a little and the horizontal bar is in the way of the camera…-

Let me know what you think.

This is the completed design with fasteners.

This looks greate Etienne!


I wanted to build something that can work more thank looking pretty. Turns out it does look pretty good too.

Unit one is already in production. Its going to have a decent payload as well and the option to mount a skid.

I’ll post updates on here for sure.

You can already get one on my website.


At this point we have 2 differend BR2s, both custum modified, one with battery power, the other with topside power.
I think this design can take the BR2 components to the next level. Also I know there are coming some new thrusters soon, bigger and With more djuice, would probably fit on this frame-configuration.
Would it be possible to build this ROV with less components inside the frame, more tuned for only inspection work? Sometime less is more.
Dont know if its possible to build an.1,5kw Power module inside an 4" enclosure? More rounded corners on the frame, rubber bumpers all around and with lifting shacles on the top?

Also I have a Client who ask if its possible to build an ROV With an cleaning system for cleaning marine growth, either with high pressure water or with cavity cleaner mounted on an ROV. maybe this could be done one this frame? Look at caviblasters cavidome cleaning Tools. Something like that mounted on an small powerfull ROV.


Thanks, I think it will. Just need to get it out there. I am calling it Orange1 as a tribute. Orange and blue being my company colors and all.

I am looking forward to seeing that new thruster. I would very much like to build something to compete with Falcon and Mojave. When they come out, I will design a new frame.

There is merit in doubling the thrusters like I did but I also showed an example with only single thruster on axials.

The real improvement would come from thrusters operating on 320VDC. That would drastically reduce the requirements for power modules. That said, can’t complain with the prices of the T200…

This ROV is 100% customizable. You buy what you want. This picture showed it fully loaded. It all depends what you want to do with it. Packed like that its more for offshore use.

The problem with power is heat dissipation. Its much more effective to cool off 2 750W units in separate housings and mounting them in a single housing. This also allows the client to buy only what he wants. For instance, if he only wants 8 thrusters and operate at 50% only one power module of 750W will do.

That said, I could look at designing this for you if it was a show stopper.

I designed the ROV to be symetrical. For example, its the same side panel mounted reverse. This is to reduce production costs.

That said, we could customize it for you if you wanted to alter the design but it would come at extra cost. I am sure we can keep it reasonable though.

Not usually something that is done but could certainly add this for you.

Again something we could do for you. I opted out of doing this as it affects the center of buoyancy and can also get in the way of the sensors mounted on the top like sonar, beacon etc. We use two shackles on the back with a cable sock.

Depends on what needs to be cleaned. Video ray has a video out with a Caviblaster. That said, you will find it is not very effective and the stiffness of the hose will make the ROV hard to control.

You need a lot of power for cleaning, like 15Kw at least.

I know Caviblasters very well. They are very expensive. I designed my own last year but have not manufactured it yet. Its a lot of trial and error to find the right flow and wand combination to create a cavitation cloud.

I’ll get back to it once I am done with everything else I am building…

You will find this is not as magical as you might think. It wont remove any hard marine growth like barnacles etc. It really depends on the surface you are cleaning and what you are cleaning.

I’ve been working offshore for 20 years and cleaning with ROVs has always been a hurdle. It usually falls back on divers. Just last project I was on as Client Rep for Total and the ROV guys were struggling.

Check out Hullwiper ROV. they use water jets for cleaning container ships. GAC HullWiper- Hull Cleaning Solution | GAC Its not for sale since its too lucrative to share the technology.

This is definitely something I want to build but we are talking hundreds of thousands in R&D.

I amended the design based on comments I got so far and my own ideas.

This design has an oil filled 3KW 4 inch power enclosure and a 4 inch electronics module.

It has a tilt in the front with an external camera.

2 laser pointers inside the buoyancy.

The center clamps can host our CP probe, wire brush system and Newton gripper.

A lifting bar in the center for an eventual lock latch.

aft camera and 2 lights in the back inside the buoyancy.

I plan in having a oil compensation bottle in the back.