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We just bought a brand new and beatifull Delta Hand Controller to be used with our brand new BlueRov 2, but there a problem: the Hand controller does not communicate with the computer. Tried to connect several times and in different PC’s but got nothing. The LCD display lights up but dont show anything. Could you guys give us a hint on what to do? Please see attached pics.

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Hello Hugo,

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Did it ever work or you received it like this?

How is the other HCU functioning?

What is the serial number?


No, we received it like this, not working. The other one is working fine and is already operating offshore.
The only one ID that we have is the one printed on the bar code: 18590887.

Hello Hugo,

Sorry for the inconvenience. Can you try Joy.cpl in windows and show us what you see?



Tried the Joy.cpl and the Device Manager, but nothing…

Can you open the HCU and push on the teensy 3.5?

Maybe it got loose during transport.

Today we proceeded with the T/S, and we verified that there was a loose connection on the Teensy 3.5 USB connector. After tightening the USB cable, communication was established between HCU and computer.

But when I closed the lid to finish the maintenance, the HCU lost it’s connection with the pc. Opened again, inspected and connected again to the pc without the lid, and we got comms, but once again we closed the lid, we lost comms one more time. Then noticed that the Teensy 3.5 board, was a bit high, protuding the small reset button, making contact to the lid and reseting the microcontroller everytime I close the HCU.

Tried to figure out a way to push in the Teensy 3.5 board so the button would be out of being pressed by the lid, but unable to do because the boards was already fully inserted(appears to), only lefting about 1 mm to fit. I am affraid to push too hard and break/bend the board.

During a more in depth inspection noticed that there is 4 flat washers holding the board bellow the Teensy 3.5, making the board more high (less then 1 mm), but to do that job I have to disconnect all the connectors to have access to those washers. That said, this would be a more complex intervention that would be time consuming.

Furthermore, I would like to report that during this process of opening and closing the lid several times trying to accomodate the Teensy 3.5 button, the lid slipped while the sensor was connected and broke the two wires in the connector (board side).

We know that it’s just a water sensor, which doesn’t offer any limitation to the safe operation of the HCU, but now we have one more small detail to solve (or not; as it can operate without being connected) but this it is not ideal since we bought a brand new HCU.

So we are looking for further instructions on how to proceed from now on.

Ps.: Why We are allowed to upload just one picture at a time? I need to put more pics.

Please notice the button protuding.

Detail of the Water Alarm wires sheared.

Hello, sorry for all this.

Do you want us to get this back to fix it or you want to get plans for connecting?


Yes I believe that this is the best path to follow, since it looks like that was a issue during the manufacture process, that is causing the problem. Also I would like say that if the issue is a simple and fast intervention, we would be happy to do, but since the task will be more complex, more HH(time consuming) we understand that will be the right option.

Hugo Lima

Please contact Pauline so she can arrange pickup with UPS.

Thanks for the support and comprehension.

Hugo Lima

Hello Hugo,

We had an internal meeting about your issue and found out that this has happened in the past. We solved the issue by making a HCU 2mm higher. For some reason, the last 20 batch of HCUs were produced with the wrong file which is why this has happened.

The solution is to machine the bottom plate like this:

This will provide the necessary clearance.

Not sure if you are able to send us the defective HCU and the bottom plate for the other one so we can rectify both.

Again, very sorry about this. That said, we will arrange for pickup and delivery and it will only take us 1 day to rectify the issue.

Please email Pauline with dimensions and weight and packing list of what you are returning as well as address, contact person/phone number and pickup schedule.

We will arrange this on Tuesday as it is a holiday on Monday.

Best regards,