Custom joystick readings

Hi there,

I am working on some basic ROV GCS for our operations.

How can I read Deltar ROV custom joystick? At first we are trying to realize it on Python but later on we will use C/C++.

For now, I am able to read game joysticks(tested on logitech f310) from python`s inputs library (check this link: How can I get input from an Xbox One controller in Python? - Stack Overflow ) but it does not see any other custom joystick including yours (DELTA ROV). I’m looking for a clue to keep moving on.

Thanks for answers in advance.


Because we wanted our HCU to be fully programable through the same USB port, we have defined it as an HID. Windows detects the device as HID with serial and joystick subclasses.

There are no easy answers to what you are trying to do. You will need an HID component and manually program it. DirectX Joystick components may also work but will have a lot of limitations.

We use Native HID component. We program in Delphi Pascal but I beleive the component supports C++.

We can share the code for our HCU Tester software but it is in Pascal.

Delta ROV


I already managed to read your HCU with pygame library.


Ok, please share your results with us. Its always interesting to see what people do with our HCU.