Commnication Lost

we are testing BleROV2 heavy with Power over tether and have seen a communication loss issue while operating the Lights.

Case 1: If light intensity increases to above 50% it seems communication loss issues.

Case 2: Error message ‘Lost manual control’ pops up while increasing light intensity.

Case 3: In the battery status Voltage dropped from 15.04v to 14.83v & Current consumed increased from 25mAh to above 50 mAh.

kindly suggest your solution.


Please find the more images

Hello Bharath,

Do the lights flicker when the thrusters are operating?

You can disable this alarm its to do with HCU not the rov control and it is not an actual fault.

Not sure I understand, the more light you use the more current it will pull. If this is not the case you might have a ground fault on your ROV

Let us know if this helps.

thanks for your reply.

Do the lights flicker when the thrusters are operating?

I’m using front(quad) and back(Pair) lights, I have observed that, while dry testing its working fine, but if I put it into the water we are getting communication loss issues when we increase the intensity of light in one case and also the if we increase gain in another case.

How much current are you using when it fails? What is the voltage?

hey, thanks for your response, now it’s working fine.

we have faced issues because of the communication cable which is not twisted properly, after twisting the communication cables in all the units i.e., in Power can, Power generator & electronic encloser it’s working fine.

That’s great. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. It’s hard to troubleshoot on distance like this.

We are facing the communication lost in one set. The ROV & Surface unit looks fine as it is working with one Spool.
The other spool is having communication issue with both the ROVs. We had removed the power slipping and noticed that its rated for 240VDC/10A. Is this could be a problem?
We checked all the grounding, shielding and twisting of the cable, only when we connect the ROV through this particular spool, we are facing this issue.
Can you send us Spare slipping, so that we can replace the slip ring and check this.
Looking forward for your response.

Hello Sumanth,

We have never had issues with this so far.

Can you send me a picture of the slipring label?

Can you try swapping the comms to other wires to see if this solves the issue?

Lets troubleshoot it a bit first.


Please find the attached Slipring photo.

Again I have tested the same communication issues

with that Spool.

Did you try swapping tether and problem stays with the spool?

The problem is with the spool only.

did you try putting the comms wires on different passes?

This is the old model, I will send you 2 of the new model.

Can you confirm you address via email.

2 replacement units arrived in my warehouse in China and have been put for shipping with DHL.

Please provide the AWB number of the shipment

Will do. They could only ship via EMS.