Charger always output "Connection Breakdown"


I was trying to test the Blue Robotics Battery Charger by Balance Charging all of the batteries we received. Unfortunately, it always shows the error: “Connection Breakdown”. I checked the wires of the batteries and the connections with the charger and they all seem to be in place.

Here’s the sequence when I tried Balance Charge:

It seems to be able to monitor the battery successfully though:

Kindly assist.

Thank you!

Hello Angelyn,

The wrong battery type is selected.

The batteries are Lithium-Ion.

Top left should read LiIo not LiPo

Let us know if this solves the problem.


Hi Etienne,

I tried it but unfortunately it still outputs the error.

Ok let me raise this with BlueRobotics, you might have a bad charger.

In the meantime, I have a spare charger at the office. We can swap it and see if this issue is resolved.

Thank you for coming all the way to our office! The replacement charger works great!

Glad to help. Let us know if you need anything else.

Hello…this is common issue and as per my suggestion make sure your charger is working properly. Having an extra charger around can make this step a snap…if you don’t have an extra charger around consider buying one. If your charger requires a charging adapter, make sure you have a spare too.

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