Cable Counter Problem


We got some problems with Cable Counter.

First, there was a disconnection problem with Cable Counter in our first big test.

So when we came back we tried to figure out what did cause this disconnection problem.

First, we checked the cables inside of the Cable Counter they do not seem like damaged.

Then we test the encoder and we saw some problems with the encoder.

In the video that I have attached data is changing while the encoder stops. I have sent the video to you via LinkedIn. I can’t post here.

Is it enough to say the encoder is damaged?

These are our connections:
Cable Counter’s green wire → Arduino’s Digital Pin 3
Cable Counter’s white → Arduino’s Digital Pin 2
Cable Counter’s red wire → Arduino’s 5.5v
Cable Counter’s black wire → Arduino’s GND

Also, we are using that cable counter in important operations and working in difficult conditions. We did not expect corrosion in a tool manufactured in accordance with these conditions.


These bearings are supposed to be stainless steel. We will contact our supplier and replace them.

As for your issues:

How long is your cable?

Any visual damage on the cable?

Can you send me your Arduino code?

Can you show me pictures of your connections?

With regards to the encoder, it is IP 65 rated with working temperature of up to 85C so I find it very odd that it would fail.

Do the values change if the encoder is set flat on the table?
If you shake it, does it sound like something is loose inside?
Did you drop it?
Did you drop it in water?
Was it left on the deck with waves reaching the encoder?
Do you rinse it with fresh water after each use?

Did you try another Arduino?

I really need more information if I am to help you.



We repaired the part of the cable that we thought was damaged. It works now.

But in operation we did not drop it, we did not drop it in water. The temperature of the encoder did not exceed 85C. But While it was working, it suddenly stopped working. Our operation will last 10-12 hours. If it is going to be like the last operation it will be a big problem for us.



If the cable gets damage during operations it will certainly. But as mentioned before, this encoder is high quality and I have never heard of one fail as of yet.

I suggest you make a test by rotating a motor on the wheel for 24 hours.

Also, you can set the distance manually if ever you get an issue after repair.


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