BR2 rear camera and button assignment


Have a couple of questions for my BR2.

1: How do i view the camera feed from the rear camera mounted inside the subsea power supply bottle?

2: On the HCU when i press the «arm» button and the «open» button i can see in the button assignment page that these are pressed at the same time when i press one button. How can i fix this?

Can you send us some pictures?

Hi, mostly interested in knowing how to get that aft camera to work. Is there any good way to get it up on a monitor at the same as the «main» camera?

These are the pictures we required. Screenshot of your problem.

You need to use our camview software which you can download from out website in the download section.

To connect your camera:

You can also use ODM (onvif device manager) or videolan.

Hi. I finally had some time to test the HCU again.

In this first picture, you can see two buttons is active. Thus is when i press the «open» button on HCU.

Second picture is when i press «close» button.

Third picture is when i press «arm» button.


Your joystick is in “Shift mode” so every button programmed from 16-32 will trigger button 0 and button number minus 16.

This is done to allow to use the “shift functions” second column in your picture.