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I have tried out many different solutions for video recording and the Oceanvault Recorder have without doubth been the one performing best. Now I can use the Qgroundcontrol system in an Professional mannar.

If its one thing I would like to somehow integrate, it would be an system for push an button -take the picture function. Now you have to push an icon in the recording program, it works fine so its realy no big deal.

Boy have I got something for you :slight_smile:

The Oceanvault - Dive logger will completely blow your mind.

It has a programmable event list with icons. This event list has the option to trigger a frame grab if Oceanvault - Recorder is present on the network.

Oceanvault - Dive logger uses keyboard trapping for the event list so you can call an item by number and press enter to put the item in the log and trigger the grab at the same time.

I am finish coding now and will let you know once its ready for Beta testing in a couple days.

Thanks for the kind words. I hope you applied my solution for improving the video quality.