4inch enclosure middle bulkhead

If you are like me, the connectors in the back of the ROV is posing a bit of a restriction. I would much prefer have a camera there instead.

I have designed this 4inch enclosure middle bulkhead to remedy that:

I also made this o-ring flange so the lids can me secured:

This would basically take the place of the 4inch BR2 enclosure:

All 24 penetrators are tapped M10

This is great! Does it use the same clamp attachment or is there the clamp holes on the bottom?

Will mount using the existing BR2 bracket.

You will be able to still use the 4mm rods on the outside of the BR2 bracket.

This mod will only work for the BR2 heavy configuration because the cables will take the place of the BR2 regular 2 verts.

This picture show the mod with the components.

Requires a new inside bracketery to pas through the middle…